Friday, June 1, 2012

Sex in Cebu - Sisters in a threeway

What happens in Cebu, stays in Cebu.  Ok, we're taking a page from the Las Vegas theme, but Cebu, a small and charming little Philippine city, is a place you can get lost in beautiful deep pussy, just like our foreign sex tourist John did in this episode of the Filipina Sex Diary.

When he met these two beautiful Pinay sisters, in a Cebu Church, John couldn't believe that they would entertain going back to his hotel room for some fun.   Not only did they come back to the hotel room with him, the allowed him to film the entire scene for the Sex diary.

What's it like to do Philippine sisters in a threeway sex scene?  By the trailer above, it's pretty awesome.  At first they are a bit shy to be doing this in front of each other, but this is survival mode for these babes.  They know there is a big pay day at the end of all of this, and once the big dick is inside their pussy, they want more of it.

If you have a bucket list with "fucking twins at the same time" on the list, then you might want to consider heading to the Philippines for some hot threeway fun.   Cebu is especially a great place to find sex, where there are many great gogo bars and even better KTV bars that cator to the foreign sex traveller looking for high class Filipina pussy to fuck.  Sex in Cebu was never better than when John fucked these two sisters.

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