Friday, June 1, 2012

Sex in Cebu - Sisters in a threeway

What happens in Cebu, stays in Cebu.  Ok, we're taking a page from the Las Vegas theme, but Cebu, a small and charming little Philippine city, is a place you can get lost in beautiful deep pussy, just like our foreign sex tourist John did in this episode of the Filipina Sex Diary.

When he met these two beautiful Pinay sisters, in a Cebu Church, John couldn't believe that they would entertain going back to his hotel room for some fun.   Not only did they come back to the hotel room with him, the allowed him to film the entire scene for the Sex diary.

What's it like to do Philippine sisters in a threeway sex scene?  By the trailer above, it's pretty awesome.  At first they are a bit shy to be doing this in front of each other, but this is survival mode for these babes.  They know there is a big pay day at the end of all of this, and once the big dick is inside their pussy, they want more of it.

If you have a bucket list with "fucking twins at the same time" on the list, then you might want to consider heading to the Philippines for some hot threeway fun.   Cebu is especially a great place to find sex, where there are many great gogo bars and even better KTV bars that cator to the foreign sex traveller looking for high class Filipina pussy to fuck.  Sex in Cebu was never better than when John fucked these two sisters.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cebu Sex Diary - Chubby Freelancer Veronica

Cebu is one of the more beautiful upscale cities in the Philippines, with lots of beach front resorts, good food, great nightlife, and yes, lots of hot Philippine Poontang.  Finding pussy in this town is as easy as jumping in a taxi cab, which I did on my first day in Cebu.

The taxi driver mentioned to me, if I was interested in ladies, he could take me to a casa - "many girls, Joe", he said.  I declined, but asked, where can I meet University students, or freelancers.   He drove me right to the place. 

It just so happened that the Mango Street area is filled with lots of Freelancers.  It almost seems like the girls are just there after studies, across from a local Cebu University park, walking around, texting or just chatting with other girls.  I drove up in my taxi, and waved a cute looking 23 year older to my car.  Her name was Veronica, and she would be my first gift in a city known for beautiful women.

Within five minutes, we were back at my Osmena Circle hotel, situated near a number of gogo clubs.  This girl had obviously been here many times before, as she knew the way into the Midtown Hotel, the place I was staying.  She had to check in with the front desk (kind of embarrassing), but within 10 minutes, we were in the hotel room, and she was in the shower, getting ready for "boom boom". 

My cock needed some pussy, as I had just gotten into Cebu, a few hour earlier by plane.  I was ready for my first Cebu girl.   The diary tells the entire story, me fucking her bareback, and cumming in her Filipina Milf pussy.  That's right, mommy might be a mommy again. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sex in Cebu - Jaguar KTV - One of the best clubs in Cebu

One of the best clubs in Cebu, Philippines has always been Jaguar KTV.  A high end club catoring to those who don't mind spending a couple hundred dollars for companionship per night, will find a very comfortable, relaxing place with beautiful sexy Filipina KTV girls to take care of your every need.

If you haven't been to Jaguar KTV before, you'll be a little bit intimidated by the layout.   The bar sits at the front of the club.  As you walk past the bar, which is on the right, you'll enter the COMMON area, filled with seating. You'll see the dance stage to the back, and KTV rooms lining the right hand side of the bottom floor.   Immediately to the left are where the Dancers and GRO's site.  As you walk in, you'll pass by the girls. It is a bit intimidating as you cannot help but feel all the dancers and GRO's are starring at you as you walk in the club.   Don't worry, they are starring at you, because you might be their next 4000p barfine for the evening.

You have to love clubs like Jaguar KTV as the girls here are all experienced "companions".   They are sexy, well versed at conversation, and love snuggling up to you while you watch the dancers on stage.  Their job is to convince you to barfine them and take them back and give them a nice tip.   Of course, these babes will put out and provide outstanding service.

The best thing about Jaguar KTV is that most of the girls will dance on stage - Naked.  You won't find this in many clubs in Cebu, Philippines.   This gives you a chance to see the dancers body before you decide to barfine her back to your room.

Barfines cost 4000p, and this does not include the tip to the bargirl - usually 2500p for overnight.  For those travellers to Cebu who brought their wifes with, you can take a dancer to the back KTV room for privacy.  This is usually much cheaper, and you can get some quick relaxing service in the back room for around 4000p - includes privacy in your KTV room and the models tips for extras. 

All in all, we highly recommend this club as a stop on your next stay in Cebu.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cebu Sex Guide - Sex at Love City KTV Bar - Mango Avenue

Love City
Mango Avenube
Cebu City, Philippines

If you are into the younger babes, than Love City is the place for you. This club has mostly new-bie talent, all 18 and 19 year olders. The club is frequented by Japanese and Korean businessmen that are looking for that hot young piece of pussy. Love City sits in the heart of the Mango Ago-go bar area, right across the street from Hot Rods, and right above the bars – Papillion and Dimples. It’s worth going to have a look, as there is no covercharge, and the drinks are reasonable if you plan on just watching the gals dance.

The set up is much like other KTV bars, a stage center of the room where the bargirls will dance 1 at a time to show off their stuff. Seating is located around the stage, with couches right next to the stage, and regular chairs for the rest. The club is run down, compared to the bars beneath. The Philippine run bars are not very high on glamour. You have to go to the back rooms to feel more comfortable.

The backrooms are private KTV or Karaoke rooms, where you can take a model with you to sing KTV or or things. The cost to take a girl to the back room is around 1500p, and that is all inclusive. You need to buy the model ladies drinks to keep here there with you. 1 Drink per every 30 minutes is the norm. You can barfine girls from this club, but you’ll pay around 4000p for that. However, if you find a young hottie game to go with you, you’re pretty well set for the night. Make sure you tell these babes, you want them for the entire night. That may cost you more. Most of the younger bargirls just want the barfine to fuck and run, so they go down to Pump Disco or Juliana for late night dancing.

This club is under the same ownership as Infinity KTV, Gold Fingers KTV, Volvo KTV and Thunderdome, so the prices are higher than your average Euro/American Bikini Bar. Drinks are a standard 280p at this club, and a San Miguel Beer will set you back 80p.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sexy in Cebu - Club Tokyo KTV - Cebu, Philippines

Tokyo KTV Club
#433 D. Jacosalem Street
Corner Mango Avenue,
Cebu City
Philippines 6000

Located near the front entrance of Club Temptation Bikini Bar in the Mango Bar Area of Cebu is a KTV bar called the Tokyo KTV Club. These two clubs are located just off Mango Avenue on Jacosalem Street, just behind the gas station on the corner. The club is a short walk from the main collection of clubs located right on Mango (like Viking, Erik the Red's, Love City, etc..). Tempation's cators to the pussy hungry bargirl type of traveller, where Tokyo KTV Club cators to the Japanese and Korean KTV bar lover. Both clubs are sex clubs, and you can find pussy at either bar for a night of hardcore fun in Cebu.

The great thing about KTV bars like Tokyo KTV Club is that the Guest Relation Officers (or bargirls) are more like dates or companions, sitting down with you, talking and making sure your songs are given to the DJ so you can sing during the evening. Things are usually more expensive at KTV bars like Tokyo, because they cator to more upscale customers, and the girls are usually a little more polished and experienced in tradional KTV bar type settings. Nonetheless, the girls are beautiful, as you can see in the pictures above, and their skimpy low cut mini skirts makes the companion experience a heck of lot more fun.

The club is well lit, so you can pretty much see everything going on. It has it's share of plush couches where you can sit down and snuggle next to a cute GRO as you sing your KTV songs throughout the evening. There are better KTV bars in Cebu, like Infinity KTV and Arena Club, however, if you like to sing a bit, have a few drinks, then go next door to Club Temptation, that is a fun plan. Club Temptation has a host of about 30 hot girls next door to pick from for some hardcore fun in Cebu during the evening.

Nonetheless, we like Tokyo KTV. It's nice, small, reasonably priced, and has a good group of cute GRO's. Stop by on your next time in Cebu.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Arena KTV - Cebu Bars - Cebu KTV - Sex Travel Cebu

Arena KTV Lounge
3rd Avenue
North Reclamation Area
Cebu City, Cebu Philippines

Cebu is a fun filled KTV packed city that offers hundreds of KTV bars, Bikini Bars, Casa's and Massage Parlors.  One of the best clubs in Cebu, if not the Philippines, is the Arena KTV Lounge.  If you are a Pussy Hunter with lots of cash, Arena KTV Lounge in Cebu City is the number 1 place on our list to find it.

Arena KTV has some of the most beautiful full figured Philippine models available in the Philippines.   There are 70 ot 100 girls there on almost every evening, and they love meeting all kinds of foreign men.   You will find exotic beautiful women here, and you will pay a price for them.
The club layout is incredible. As you enter the club, you'll see dual sets of stairs going to an upper level. These stairs lead up to private KTV rooms where you can take a model and have more private fun with her.  If you pass to the right of the stairs and around, you'll enter the main floor, complete with a small quaint bar, and a huge stage. There are couches all around the stage, which comes out on an island toward the seating area. The lighting and music is incredible, very well done, with individual girls dancing one at a time. Some of the girls will strip on stage down to their panties, and you'll get a great view of all the models one at a time.

The upper level KTV rooms are private rooms.  You can take a model there for 1500p, and you'll have to buy the model a drink every 30 minutes.  You'll have all the privacy you need her to snuggle next to your girl and have some dark room fun with her if you want.   As long as you are buying ladies drinks fo your girl (around 450p per ladies drink), you can keep her there all you want. The waiters keep on coming in to check on you and your girl, so there isn't alot of time to fool around. For full privacy in the room, you'll pay around 4000p and the waiters will stop coming into the room.

Models are also available for barfines for 6000p.   IF you barfine a model here, be careful, and let the girl know up front that you want her for the entire evening.   Som girls come with you for short time, and that's it.  So make sure she stays with you thru the night.  A tip of 2000 to 3000p will suffice. 

All in all, it's an expensive night whenever you head to the Arena.   If you are into making it a little less expensive, then meet a model down in the common room area.  Chat, get friendly, laugh smile, etc... and she will most likely show up back at your hotel, if you ask her.  That way you don't have to pay the barfine.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sex In Cebu - Club Temptation - One of the Best Clubs

Club Temptation #433 D. Jacosalem St., Corner Mango Avenue,
Cebu City 6000


One of the hotter new clubs in Cebu is the Club Temptation, located just off Mango Avenue.   Jacosalem street is at the east end of where the Mango Avenue bars start.  There is a gasoline station right at the corner of Jacosalem and Mango. If you head south about 1/2 a block, you'll see Club Temptation on the Right.   It's out of the way, but well worth the stop!  If you are driving, the club has a nice parking area, secure and right in front of the club.  

There are currently over 40 young, attractive dancers who between performing their dance routines mingle with the customers. The vast majority of the dancers speak 3 or more languages.  In order to ensure that customers orders are swiftly taken and delivered, there are usually around fifteen waitress at their service who speak a range of languages.  IT looks as if all the sexier bargirls from Mango have gone down to Club Temptation to work.   It's one of the largest bikini bars/clubs in Cebu, and you will love the action inside.

The club itself is very clean, well lit, and has two rooms.   The main room, where you enter has the stage and bar.   This room has lots of light, mirros, and comfortable couches where you can sit and watch, or get comfortable with a sexy bargirl.   The backroom has more seating and two pool tables where you can drink and shoot pool if you want.  

The club opens at 7:00pm with happy hour from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.   Drink prices 60p and ladies drink prices 150p are similar to those at the bars like Viking and Eric the Red.   Barfines are only 1700p and the girls do expect tips for services rendered back at your hotel room. 

All in all, we highly recommend this club.  The quality of bargirls, the energy and fun time, and the bar itself, (safe, clean and well lit) make this a great place to meet a girl and have fun
during your nights out in Cebu.