Friday, January 14, 2011

Love City KTV Bar

Love City
Mango Avenube
Cebu City, Philippines

If you are into the younger babes, than Love City is the place for you. This club has mostly new-bie talent, all 18 and 19 year olders. The club is frequented by Japanese and Korean businessmen that are looking for that hot young piece of pussy. Love City sits in the heart of the Mango Ago-go bar area, right across the street from Hot Rods, and right above the bars – Papillion and Dimples. It’s worth going to have a look, as there is no covercharge, and the drinks are reasonable if you plan on just watching the gals dance.

The set up is much like other KTV bars, a stage center of the room where the bargirls will dance 1 at a time to show off their stuff. Seating is located around the stage, with couches right next to the stage, and regular chairs for the rest. The club is run down, compared to the bars beneath. The Philippine run bars are not very high on glamour. You have to go to the back rooms to feel more comfortable.

The backrooms are private KTV or Karaoke rooms, where you can take a model with you to sing KTV or or things. The cost to take a girl to the back room is around 1500p, and that is all inclusive. You need to buy the model ladies drinks to keep here there with you. 1 Drink per every 30 minutes is the norm. You can barfine girls from this club, but you’ll pay around 4000p for that. However, if you find a young hottie game to go with you, you’re pretty well set for the night. Make sure you tell these babes, you want them for the entire night. That may cost you more. Most of the younger bargirls just want the barfine to fuck and run, so they go down to Pump Disco or Juliana for late night dancing.

This club is under the same ownership as Infinity KTV, Gold Fingers KTV, Volvo KTV and Thunderdome, so the prices are higher than your average Euro/American Bikini Bar. Drinks are a standard 280p at this club, and a San Miguel Beer will set you back 80p.

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